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HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty

HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty
Κατόπιν Παραγγελίαςhp designjet specialisthp designjet production service
Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας
4199,00 €
(3386,29 € + 24% φ.π.α.)
Κωδικός Προϊόντος: 33797
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Περιγραφή HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty

HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914 mm) - New Model


Small & Medium Groups

New Improvemets

  • Better Color Gamut in Fast Mode
  • Margins up to 3mm
  • More Productivity: New Inks up to 300-ml
  • HP Mobile Printing: Print directly from your Android or Apple devices or send your jobs directly by email to the printer
  • Job Center enabled - Manage queues, track costs, take control - Access directly from the front panel
    or from the Embedded Web Server to job settings, queues, preview or accounting features
  • Faster parallel file processing: File Processing Memory 64 GB
  • HP DesignJet Accounting Tool: Free Download: https://h71044.www7.hp.com/campaigns/2009/ga/DesignjetAccounting/index.php
  • New Raster Driver
  • Front Panel Lock Settings
  • PIN Printing Setings 

Kύρια Τεχνικά Χαρακτηριστικά

  • Resolution: Up to 2400x1200 Optimized dpi 
  • Average Weekly Print Volume (D/A1): 200 D/A1 prints
  • Inks: 6x Inks system with 1x long-life printhead (Part No: B3P06A  - Warranted Usage Limits: 4.000-ml)
  • Matte Black Ink (mK): Pigment-Based & (C, G, M, pK, Y) - Dye-Based
  • Display: 109mm Color Touchscreen with animations and true print previews from driver
  • Memory: 64 GB (Virtual - Based on 1.5 GB RAM) & H.D.D: 320 GB
  • Print Speed: 21 sec/Page A1, 120 Prints A1/hr, 60 Prints A0/hr
  • Max Optical Density (Black): 6 L min/2.15 D
  • Input Paper Handling: Front loading Roll up to 914 mm wide
  • Output Paper Handling: Intergrated output stacking & collating tray (from A4 to A0 with up to 50 A1 size capacity), Auto Cutter
  • Direct Printing via USB Stick & Web Connectivity
  • Printer Lakguages: HP-GL/2, HP-RTL, TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4, HP-PCL3GUI, URF
  • Max Media Weight: up to 328 gr/m2
  • Max Roll Lenght: ~ 100 m @ 80 gr/m2
  • Connectivity: Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T)
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Τυπικές Εφαρμογές

Black & White line drawings, Color drawings, Presentations, Panels, Bids, Renders, GIS/Maps, POP/Retail: short-term posters/signage, Indoor Banners, Graphic Design

Σχεδιασμένο για τις ακόλουθες αγορές

  • MCAD & AEC(*)Architecture, Construction, Civil Engineering, Industrial design, Property management, Aerospace design, Automotive design, Consumer product design
  • Manufacturing: Industrial design departments, Automotive and Transportation design, Aerospace design, Ship building design, Engineering and manufacturing departments
  • GIS, Transport & Tourism: Bus and coach companies, Disaster planning, Engineering, Environmental/conservation, Fleet management, Government, Informational signage, Natural resources, Tourism, Train networks
  • Retail: Large department stores, Hypermarkets/supermarkets), Furniture/DIY stores, Clothing, furniture and grocery stores, Garage forecourts, Garden Centres, Restaurants and pubs
  • Education: Large nurseries and pre-schools, Primary schools, Secondary schools, Technical colleges, Universities, Vocational colleges, Youth groups, Special needs associations

*MCAD & AEC: Mechanical Computer Aided Design & Architecture, Engineering, Construction 

Key Features

This printer will meet 3 key objectives for busy CAD/GIS teams:

QUALITY - your projects will be presented at their best with 6 inks offering a wide colour gamut ideal for colour graphics, precise line accuracy, dark blacks, and up to 2400 dpi.

EFFICIENCY - this printer is meant for busy teams and offers print stacking, fast printing, large memory and with the ability to print directly to your printer from a smartphone, tablet or USB drive with HP mobile printing.

MANAGEABILITY & SECURITY - easily and confidently manage your printer - this printer has been designed to use larger 91.4 metre media and offers a choice of 130ml and 300ml ink cartridges for uninterrupted print flow, as well as secure disk erase with the ability to easily configure and manage this printer via HP Embedded Web Server. It is also iOS and Android compatible for mobile printing.

Middle Capacity Consumables

  • B3P19A - HP 727 Cyan Ink Cartridge, 130-ml 
  • B3P20A - HP 727 Magenta Ink Cartridge, 130-ml 
  • B3P21A - HP 727 Yellow Ink Cartridge, 130-ml 
  • B3P22A - HP 727 Matte Black Ink Cartridge, 130-ml 
  • B3P23A - HP 727 Photo Black Ink Cartridge, 130-ml 
  • B3P24A - HP 727 Gray Ink Cartridge, 130-ml 

High Capacity Consumables

  • C1Q12A - HP 727 Matte Black Ink Cartridge, 300-ml 
  • F9J76A - HP 727 Cyan Ink Cartridge, 300-ml
  • F9J77A - HP 727 Magenta Ink Cartridge, 300-ml
  • F9J78A - HP 727 Yellow Ink Cartridge, 300-ml
  • F9J79A - HP 727 Photo Black Ink Cartridge, 300-ml
  • F9J80A - HP 727 Gray Ink Cartridge, 300-ml


  • B3P06A - HP 727 Replacement Printhead (Long Life Printhead)

Βίντεο HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty

Χαρακτηριστικά HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty

Κωδικός Προϊόντος33797
Part NumberL2Y21A
ΚατηγορίαPlotter για Αρχιτεκτονική,Μηχανολογία και GIS
Μέγεθος Εκτύπωσης36-in or 914 mm
Αριθμός Μελανιών6x Inks (Matte Black/Cyan/Magenta/Yellow/Photo Black/Gray)
Ανάλυση ΕκτύπωσηςUp to 2400x1200 Optimized dpi
Ταχύτητα Εκτύπωσης21 sec/Page A1, 120 Prints A1/hr, 60 Prints A0/hr
Μνήμη64 GB
Γλώσσες ΕκτύπωσηςHP-GL/2, HP-RTL, TIFF, JPEG, CALS G4, HP-PCL3GUI, URF
Hi-Speed USB 2.0No
Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Base-T)Yes
Fast Ethernet (100 Base-T)No
Wi FiNo
Βάση & Καλάθι ΣυλλογήςStd & Stacking
Χειρισμός ΧαρτιούInput: Automatic front loading roll feed, sheet feed, Output: Intergrated output stacking tray (from A4 to A0 with up to 50 A1 size capacity), basket, automatic cutter
Επιπρόσθετες ΠληροφορίεςTouchscreen Color 4,3-in, HP e-Print & Share, Web Jetadmin
ΕγγύησηΚατασκευαστή 2 έτη, HP Technical Support - Τηλ: 801-11-225547
PDF ΧαρακτηριστικώνBrochure HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty Χαρακτηριστικά HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty
Τιμή4199,00 €
Τιμή χωρίς φ.π.α.3386,29 € + 24% φ.π.α.

Συμβατότητα HP DesignJet T930 ePrinter (36-in or 914mm), L2Y21A - 2Y Warranty


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